Monday, December 31, 2007

New Day #3

Today I ate strange fruit. Yeah, I know, takes one to know one. I generally resist fruit, preferring my carbs from chocolate, the brown food group. And strange fruit makes me nervous.

I also feel bad calling it strange fruit, because that's the same title as the Billie Holliday song about lynching. But tonight was the meeting of the Big Brain Trust, my writers' group, and I had to bring something. I chose star fruit, which tastes like frozen Kool-Aid, and persimmons, which are smooth and fleshy and delicious, like the author himself.

FYI, it's much more fun to say the word "persimmon" with a lisp.

Here's McKinley from the band Dirty Martini with the strange fruit.

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juju said...

Did you know that a pineapple is actually a very large berry? But doesn't that still make it a fruit? By the way I learn all of my new knowledge from underneath the caps of snapple green tea bottles...fascinating stuff.