Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Day #17

Today's New Thing comes courtesy of my friend Darr. I totally heart Darr. She saved our friend Steve's life by giving him a kidney, asking only that she be allowed to wear a tiara in the hospital. Recently, she wrote:

Let me know when you run out of ideas for new things to do; maybe I can come up with some for you. For example, go to any ethnic food store and find a package with NO ENGLISH on it. You may not ask "what IS this?" at the store. Buy and try.

So me and the Mini-Me took off for the Asian market. Unfortunately, Uwajimaya routinely posts the English translation on the back of its products, so we had to settle for not peeking.

"Do you know what this is?" said the cashier as I handed her what appeared to be Lawn Clipping Pudding.

"Don't tell me," I said. "I want to be surprised."

"It's...unique," she said, wrinkling her nose. "Even Japanese people don't like it."

Me and the Mini-Me high-fived, pleased that we managed to find something disgusting to natives.

We weren't disappointed:
Don't let the citrus fruit on the package fool you. Pickled Seaweed tastes like vinegar noodle jello.


Fran said...

Oh how incredibly brave you are! That looks just nasty! But cheaper than getting a whole big pile of it at a restaurant, I suspect.

Deni Bonet (Last Girl On Earth) said...

Hey Marc, I'm LOVING the blog. Just read all your posts. (No, I'm not a stalker!) I blogrolled you and will be sending my blog crew over here soon to introduce them to you.

I realize I still owe you a CD. (It's one of my New Year's resolutions to get those out soon.)

Speaking of "Pickled Seaweed", come on by and check out my latest post about some other things you shouldn't put in your mouth. (It's not dirty - I promise.)

Marc Acito said...

YECK, Debi, that's even worse than I went through. Loved your blog and am eager to follow your misadventures.

unchi said...

Yuck and you actually ate it! Congratulations on being so brave and you thought the snake was scary