Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Day #24

I used the ladies' room at Portland Center Stage today. No one noticed. I'm not sure what this says about me.

The ladies' room was intriguing, as was the play. It's The Beard of Avon, a comedy which makes the convincing argument that Shakespeare did not work alone. Truthfully, no writer does. For starters, writers are thieves. We evesdrop at the supermarket, we sneak off at parties and write down things people say. Plus, every published writer I know has a posse of people--editors, copy-editors, spouses, friends--who read, comment, suggest.

Along those lines, keep sharing your ideas for new New Things. Left to my own devices, I'm apt to get arrested.


Fran said...

Have you picked a fight on Craigslist? That's always fun and easy to do, provided you use a disposable email address so the mindless masses can't actually get to you.

Or spent one day eating food that was the same color, only one color? Everything green or white or brown or red. Blue's probably not a good choice. It's harder than it sounds.

Maybe go into a paint-it-yourself pottery store and see what you can create?

Or for that matter, go to a hobby store and pick up a new type of crafty thing that you've never done, just to see what it's like.

Marc Acito said...

You're my hero. These are great ideas, although, strangely, I've already done one of them.

When I wrote "Attack," I got obsessed with white food and went several days where I lived on Challah bread, rice and vanilla ice cream.

Fran said...

I knew a guy who, in order to lose weight, did the single-color-food diet, one color per week.

He lost a lot of weight, but he was crazy as fruit-bats.

My lovely wife, Lillian, suggested that you wear mis-matched shoes all day and see if people notice, and if so, how they tell you.

Have fun!