Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Day #45

Tonight's performance of True Stories brought two firsts: 1) My friend Lois's out-of-town guest threw up in the back row, which totally made me feel like a rock star and 2) I had a drink thrown in my face.

The second was my idea. People pleaser that I am, I've never had a drink thrown in my face and wanted to know what it was like. Writer Courtenay Hameister helped me out.

An audience member named Kronda captured it on video:


maria said...

I hope at least it was water,or your jackett would be ruined.
You don´t need that kind of people pleaser, people find you likeable and funny enough as it is.

ally said...

We had such a great time last night I am still talking about it this morning at work.

Thanks for the inspiration boost --hope you are well!

Macaroni said...

I hate to make Marc feel less like a rock star - but would it help if I made him feel more like Anita Ekberg?