Monday, February 18, 2008

New Day #53

I've been immortalized in booze. My partner, Mr. Out Going, recently interviewed Lucy Brennan of Mint, who was ranked one of the nation's top mixologists by Food and Wine, Bon Appetit and Playboy. Upon hearing of my favorite hobby--dieting--Lucy created a custom cocktail in my honor, a flavorful, low-carb martini with no sugars or fruit.

So, for all you calorie-conscious alcohol enthusiasts, introducing...The Marcotini.

2.5 oz Bend Distilleries Premium Diamond Vodka
.75 oz Clear Creek Pear Brandy
Twist of lime
(Note: You must use these exact brands for the drink to taste right.)

1 comment:

Joyous said...

I will buy them and try it. My best friend is the best martini ever - by our circle of friend's standards of course! When we first moved in to my first house/condo we couldn't afford to go out much, but we budgeted alchohol in the groceries. He would make me 10 newly concocted martinis on any given weekend night and after 3 they were all delicious. With the recipes perfected, we would have BYOGlass Martini Parties and our friends would have to be carried out by their DD, or sleep over. He never tried concocting this though. Of course he's no Lucy Brennan. I'll have to take this stuff to him so he can make his partner and me this martini since we are all on low carb diets.