Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Day #55

Today my new friend, Dr. Anna Long, hooked me up for biofeedback, a term I've used freely in cocktail conversation without really knowing what it is.

I was hoping there'd be lots of electrodes attached to my body, maybe even a mesh hat, but it's just a monitor taped to your finger and an unflattering belt strapped around your midsection.

Still, the computer read-out is super gee-whiz neato. First off, my heart rate (in red) looks just like the Manhattan skyline:

Those yellow peaks and valleys are my breathing, which would've been more steady had I not been talking so much. Yet, by concentrating on focusing my breathing, I was able to synchronize my breathing with my heart rate:

Anna told me that doing so massages the Vagus Nerve, which sends calming signals to your brain. Not to be confused with the Vegas Nerve, which tells your brain to go see Bette Midler.

Isn't science amazing?


Rick said...

Hey..thanks for stopping by Bandit Talks. Hope to see you again.

Like your blog's concept. Will be back to follow up.


Last Girl On Earth said...

You really should frame that first pic. It DOES look like the Skyline. (lovely) Much more interesting than the second picture. So there is alot to be said for being out of sync!

Jamie said...

I want to get hooked up and try to make the Seattle skyline. You'd have to get some wacky heart action going to make the Space Needle saucer and that horrid EMP.