Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Day #84

Today I got my bangs cut by a nine-year-old. I wouldn't trust any nine-year-old, but my godson, Ian the Wonder Child, is a very precise person.

Here's the finished result:

The kid's hired.


maria said...

You are really lucky with your godchildren: both Ian and Amy seem overintelligent, and happy, and so good looking.


Anonymous said...

Would you or any hairdresser you know be interested in volunteering at SMYRC ( Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center) in Portland? They're in need of hairdressers that can come and be creative for the youth. Lots of the youth are financially unable to afford these services elsewhere and the few hours that you would have to give helps get jobs, keep jobs, helps them feel good about their person and enhance their expression.

David said...

What's his rate?