Monday, March 24, 2008

New Day #88

I'm off whale watching. Never having done it before (I know, I've only lived in Oregon for 17 years), I can't predict whether I'll be so engrossed by whatever it is whales do that I may not return in time to post about it. So until then, you can watch Mr. Tom Jones, who is from Wales.


aspenwhimsies said...

A 70-year-old friend of mine just returned from a trip to New Zealand where she attended a Tom Jones concert--along with 30,000other screaming fans. She assured me that women still fling their panties on stage during his performance. My question is: Given the average age of a TJ fan today, is it proper etiquette to first remove your Depends prior to flinging?

Marc Acito said...

I saw him in Vegas in the early 90s where he sang "Purple Rain," of all things. And it was good.