Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Day #118

Today I chose songs to go on the radio. And by today I mean yesterday. (I’m sorry, but posting in the morning for instead of the evening when I usually do is, as my Canadian doppelganger might say, disorientating.)

Yesterday I visited DJ Tara Dublin at 94/7 fm Alternative Portland and I got to choose a song list. What’s more, I even got to push the button to make the music happen.Apparently, I’m easily amused.

Shameless self-promoter that I am, I chose four songs that reflect my books. We started off with a Frankie Goes to Hollywood cover of Springsteen’s "Born to Run” because Attack of the Theater People features a Springsteen cover band called Almost Bruce. Next, I chose the Beatles’ cover of “Till There Was You,” the only show tune I believe they ever recorded, because Attack of the Theater Peoplealso includes an ill-conceived avant-garde production of The Music Man starring a deaf actor and a blind actress.

I included my favorite diva Storm Large's crazy stalker version of “Hopelessly Devoted to You” because the kids in my first novel, How I Paid for College perform in Grease. (And, according to their parents, it’s really, really good.)

Finally, I threw in Mike Doughty’s hilarious “27 Jennifers” because anyone who grew up in the 1980s went to school with, well, 27 Jennifers.

Sidebar: I’m fascinated by the shifting popularity of names, and frequently consult the Social Security Administration baby name site when christening characters. Be forewarned, you could waste a lot of time studying how, say, “Jennifer” went from number 987 (in 1938) to number 1 each year from 1970 to 1984.

Speaking of Jennifers, click here to see what I have to say about Jen Weiner and chick lit.

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Debbi said...

The same goes for Debbi/Debbie/Debby/or any other way you might spell it.
I am let us say, mid forties. I work with four other Debbies who are the SAME age. What the heck? couldn't our parents think of any other names in 1960 through 1963?
I understand Debbie Reyonalds and Debra Carr were all the rage, but come on people.

drsloan59 said...

The name reaching its pinnacle, of sorts, with Styx's semi-hit "Jennifer" in 1976. Dennis DeYoung got a little creepy with these lyrics:

She drinks her sherry wine
She keeps her lady's love for me all the time
She's seventeen, barely old enough to cry
A child in her father's eyes
A woman every night

Step Right Up said...

Goodness Marc! Are you okay?! It looks like there may have been a short in that equipment your touching and you perhaps got a shock!

Oh, and I'm jealous you got to do a playlist!

David said...

Being a "David" I've had three college roommates or suite mates named David, one or more David in whichever office I've ever worked in, dated three Davids, shared post-college residences with two Davids, and have a first cousin and several second cousins named David.

You take a lot of photos with your mouth open.

Kelli N. said...

I'd get a kick out of getting to make a play list too. Of course, I'd probably be overwhelmed by the task. I like your list. I like the meaning behind the songs better.