Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Day #131

Today I said "no." As someone who can't really relax unless everyone is happy, this is HUGE.

It'd been a long day--flying into Seattle last night at 11 PM, out the door at 10 AM to visit stores, including (but not limited to) my new best friends Fran at the Seattle Mystery Bookshop and Erin at Barnes and Noble, where, if you type in Attack of the Theater People, up pops my book and that other frolicsome farce, Mein Kampf.

Who knew Mein Kampf was German for "Jazz Hands?"

Anyway, went straight to doing a book singing with pianist Rich Gray at Elliott Bay Book Company. No one got hurt, so a good time was had by all, but I was wiped afterwards. So, when my friends asked me if I wanted to go out for a drink, I did something I never do, and said "no."

Instead, I went back to my SUITE at the Alexis Hotel, ordered room service and sat in front of the fireplace.


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Judy Haley said...

Congratulations! Gotta get that "me" time in just to stay sane.

By the way, were you really doing a book *singing* with the pianist? ;) I would have liked to see that.

enjoy Seattle

Kelli N. said...

What a suite life you have right now! Congratulations! You deserve the success.

Jamie said...

Great reading in Seattle yesterday Marc. Your incorporation of the song into the book reading topped off with your candid and hilarious talk turned a "book signing" into a great time. I am so glad to have gone. It was a pleasure.

Oh, and Attack of the Theater People got its first belly laugh from me: "Shah Na Na, Shahmalama Ding Dong". Lol, too much.

Erin said...

LOVING you! Listen, if I had a freakin' suite at the Alexis, I'd call in sick for social engagements as well. Good for you.

Katy said...

Good on you! *Me* time is always important.

Are you loving Seattle? When I lived in Washington last year I just spent a bunch of time hanging out by the singing fountain. It's one of the best places in the world to people watch.

Glad to hear all the signings are going well. Seriously, if you ever make it to London I am SO THERE.

So there.