Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Day #145

This project was born partly out of financial necessity. Money has been tight for us for almost two years, so I've had to get creative to find ways to have fun. In other words, no retail therapy.

As a result, there's a growing amount of deferred maintenance around Chez Sklavito. Today, I finally got fed up with our comforter. You can only have a dog sleep on the bed for so long before it looks shabby. Floyd agreed, but then realized we could simply flip our existing comforter over.

I know--duh.

I love the metaphor--that something new is right there, waiting for you, if you'd just look underneath.



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Debbi said...

What a pretty bed. I love the wood color.

Step Right Up said...

And you can do something similar with your underwear too by turning them inside out. I'm here to help.

Charlotte said...

Possibly the flattest bed I have ever seen. Mine is a pit of fluffy comforters, pillows, and my beloved bear, Rupert.