Friday, May 23, 2008

New Day #148

Had my hair washed by a child today. When I showed up at Ziva Salon I was greeted by my stylist's stylish daughter, the aptly named Bella.

She did a thoroughly professional job, as did Paulino. Here we are with the results.

Perhaps my New Thing should be getting a new wardrobe. I keep taking pictures in the same outfits.

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maria said...

I can see, in the photo, that you are back with the belt buckle on the front.
The buckle on the side is comfortable only with the trouser opening on the side too.
You could try that, but then coud not pee standing, (one of the few privileges left to being a man).

Hasta pronto

Kronda said...

I thought this endeavor was supposed to be a money saving venture? Why don't you just wear your clothes inside out? That would be new. In fact, I dare you. And to make it interesting, I think explaining the 'new thing' concept should be off limits. Then you can blog about all the responses to your dorkhood.

Sorry to miss True Stories, I busted a gut last time. Will definitely catch the next one.