Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Day #150

I have a tortured relationship with the gym. No surprise, considering that going to the gym often feels like torture. Based on the principle that I'd go more often if it were close, I worked out for several years at the local community center just a mile away. But I live in the suburbs and found it uninspiring to exercise around potatoey-looking suburbanites, so I switched to a gym downtown that has much more motivating eye candy.

The problem, of course, is that commuting to the gym is a schlep. So today I tried working out at home, which I found very empowering in a Jack Lalanne kind of way. Just doing push-ups, situps, squats, lunges and using a couple of dumbbells made me feel like I didn't need any fancy equipment to be fit. And, as someone who suffered from a lifetime of feeling like I wasn't enough, it reinforces the notion that I am.

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Esther said...

Hi Marc,

Thanks so much for posting a message on my blog.

I've tried to do the home workout thing. I have a couple sets of 5- and 10-pound weights in the closet, but I don't take them out very often. I much prefer the communal atmosphere of the gym even if, you know, no one actually talks to me.

CawfeeGuy said...

wow! thanks for your comment on MY blog! i'm in the middle of "Attack of the Theater People" and i love it as much as i loved "How I Paid for College". i'm glad to know you've got a blog i read for more recent helpings of your stellar wit!

heatherlyonbooks said...

I used to "do Jack LaLane" with my grandma. No, not like that. I mean we'd do the routine with him in the living room of her trailer. Then we'd eat cookies and watch Popye the Sailor Man. It all seemed fun and so innocent. Totally free from negative sterotypes, of course. Ah, good times!

David said...

I can't work out at home, I get distracted too easily. I have to go to a gym where my only choice is to exercise, since everyone there is too intimidating to actually talk to.