Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Day #174

Today I learned the secret to aging gracefully: iPhoto.

Think about it. Once you're dead, all that will remain of your face will be pictures. So long as you look good in those, it doesn't matter how you look in real life. With that in mind, I suddenly discovered that there's a "retouch" feature in my iPhoto. How did I not know about this before? Then again, I'm the guy who got through the 1990s without knowing about Tori Amos, so apparently I'm a little slow on the uptake.

Anyway, here's me with bags:

And--voila--here's me without:

To be honest, I'm not actually sure which I prefer. I'd like to think my bags lend me an air of authorial gravitas. Then again, I'd like to think I'm BFFs with George Clooney and Julia Roberts, but that doesn't mean it's true.

What do you think? Y'know, besides the fact I need to smile with my eyes open the same size.

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Susan said...

So can you retouch that blazer?

Debbi said...

Lol Susan.

Jamie S. Rich said...

You knew who Kate Bush was, so Tori was superfluous.

Not to mention shitty.

Those are the best adjectives I can give her.

Superfluous and shitty.

You used to be a lucky man.

David said...

I don't disagree with Mr. Rich.

And I'm all for re-touching. I re-touch myself on a regular basis.

drsloan59 said...

You've earned those bags (long nights slaving over a hot laptop) so wear them with pride. Retouches start small but by law must get more drastic over time. Then when people meet you in person they think "what happened to his face?"

Name: Geeba Monkey said...

Hey Marc - I agree with drsloan59. You should keep the bags, but it's cool to see what can be done. It would be great to have all the wisdom of our years and be able to look 30. So, let's imagine a vending machine in our lifetimes where you take a photo, adjust your features to your liking, then walk in one end and out the other looking just like your adjusted photo! (Repeat as needed.)

Susie said...

I like the first one better. It's a more rugged, seasoned look.

therese said...

Without the bags you're just another pretty face.
I do like the red shirt, it's a good color for you.

Anonymous said...

Technology is grand, but to paraphrase a dear friend and mentor of mine, you are absolutely perfect just the way you are!

Kath said...

Really - the REAL you is by far waaaay more fabulous! Don't tamper!

Erin said...

I gotta go with the genuine article; the difference is subtle, but important. Au naturale, I say!