Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Day #187

One of the best things that's happened to me lately has been getting to know the force of nature that is diva rocker Storm Large. When I learned that her boyfriend and bassist Davey Nipples had restored a muscle car, Floyd and I invited ourselves over to the Large Nipples residence for a ride.

Now there's a sentence you don't get to write every day.

"This is my therapist," Davey said. "If I've had a bad day, I come home and wrench this thing and everything's good with the world." Then he showed us just what 650 horsepower can do. I swear, I thought I'd get whiplash. When Davey let it rip, I screamed like a little girl. Yet the ride was surprisingly smooth.

After that, Storm showed us the rest of the house, ending with a tour of her Craftmatic vibrating bed.

When Davey came into the bedroom to find his girlfriend naked in bed with two men, all he said was, "Doesn't that bed ROCK?"

This is why they're my friends.

Lesson learned: Ask for what you want. Sometimes you get a lot more than you expect.

PS Just got some more pics from the Twentysomething Brunch that were simply too cute not to post.

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maria said...

You are really " Living The Life"


Rick said...

I agree with Maria, live it large! Thanks for sharing.

David said...

You'd think with all the skin in this post, we'd get a shot of the large nipples themselves.

But those young un's! Very edible.

Anonymous said...

Dammmmn, I love hot rods. The cars not the...oh never mind!