Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Day #210

Learned a card trick, which I inflicted on several people at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, including Associate Producer Claudia Alick.

Also spent some time evesdropping on audience members. Here's some of what I overheard:

"They do have an intermission where we can leave, right?"

"Where do you want to sit?"
"Doesn't matter. I can nap anywhere."

"Iago's the bad guy."

"Did you read the synopsis? Does it sound depressing and horrible?"

And my favorite...

(Man on cell phone in bathroom): "No, I'm not in the theater exactly. I'm...well...taking a leak."

To be fair, there's always a lot of intelligent, insightful discussion of the plays going on at Ashland. But none of it is nearly as fun to jot down as this stuff.

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WindintheWires said...

Card tricks baffle me.
How'd you do it??

Marc Acito said...

Good magicians don't reveal their secrets, but apparently there are plenty of bad magicians willing to share them on websites. Unfortunately, I didn't bookmark the site. Suffice it to say, it's all slight of hand.