Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Day #227

Continued one of many recurring themes of this project by finally going to a tourist destination I've never seen. Crown Point is an image frequently pictured on postcards and calendars, but you could've put a gun to my head and asked me where it was and I wouldn't have known. Turns out it's only fifteen miles outside of Portland and, even better, only three miles away from the idyllic View Point Inn, which is six flavors of fabulous, due to a pair of gay owners who know from phenomenal food and artfully appointed rooms.

I mean, they gave us an hourglass to calculate the exact time it would take for our tea to steep. The only way to make that any gayer would be if the waiter were in buttless chaps.

(Note to Geoff and Angelo at the View Point--that wouldn't be a bad way to get more gays in for brunch. I'm just sayin'.)


Fran said...

How absolutely gorgeous! You must have had a FABulous time!

therese said...

How chauvinistic of you Marc! I'd love excellent food and perfectly steeped tea with a view of waiters in buttless chaps. Of course the butts would have to be firm and smooth.

Since you got to Crown Point, did you also do the Scenic Route 30 and views of waterfalls?

Marc Acito said...

Haven't done Route 30. Will have to make it another New Thing.

Ellen Kimball said...

Hi Marc,

So glad you got to see the overlook -- it is a beautiful place, and I've been there three times since we moved to Portland ten years ago.

You really must see the rest of the view out to Multnomah Falls. Last time I was there, I took care of my newborn grandson, Nicholas, while others climbed. He is a big boy of eight years old now -- and we'll see him in Las Vegas soon.

Peace, love and happiness,
(Our sign-phrase phrase on my first job, WTVJ Miami, Florida -- the "Popeye Playhouse" show back in 1957-58.)


C lbs said...

I have several friends (no, really!) here in Utah who are former Oregonians. I sent a link to the View Point Inn to them and one is planning her wedding next summer. We'll find out in 2 weeks that is where the event will be. If I do make it out to Portland, we'll try to bump into you.

Cornelia Becker Seigneur said...

It is interesting how you can live SO CLOSE to SO MANY AMAZING PLACES right here and not have been there- until people arrive from far away places for a visit...or until working on a project like yours...

Cornelia Seigneur
aka WriterMom