Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Day #234

I ate a pansy. [Insert gay innuendo here.]

I had no idea pansies were edible and I relished the primal appeal of just reaching over to a plant, grabbing a piece of it and tossing it in my mouth.

For their delicate appearance, pansies are surprisingly firm and chewy, with a gritty dirt-like texture and a bitter leaf-like flavor, like kale.

Unlike most pansies I know, who are just plain bitchy.

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maria said...

Pansies are OK, but you have to eat a lot to feel full. Try eating a magnolia flower. Those are delicious, and filling.

gay CME guy said...

I think you have the beginning of a follow-up/companion song of "I Kissed a Girl".
Pansies (the horticultural variety) are often used as confection/cake decorations. They are sprinkled with bakers (untra fine) white sugar, which gives a crystaline quality to the them. TO the best of my knowledge, pansies (of the NON-horticultural variety) have never been used as confection.

therese said...

Rose petals are also tasty and each variety has a different flavor. My sister has recipes for rose-petal bread.