Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Day #261

Today I got into deep kimchi. As long as my father's been visiting (and thus paying for dinner), I took the opportunity to try Korean.

I started off with barley tea, which is mild and herbal, followed by black goat soup, which is indeed made from a black goat. "It's very good for you," said the server.

I don't know about that, but it was very good--tender and stringy like pot roast.

As for kimchi, it's spicy cabbage, which doesn't explain why anyone would ever be deep in it. I didn't have any luck discovering the derivation of the phrase on Your Friend and Mine the Internet, but I did discover that South Koreans say "kimchi" when taking photos the same way Americans say "cheese."

PS Sorry I don't have video from yesterday. Imagine a delirious crowd going nuts for my electrifying interpretation. At least, that's what I'm going to keep imagining.


Fran said...

Lillian was stationed in Korea (shh, don't ask, don't tell!), and she introduced me to kimchi. Summer kimchi is okay, I guess, but winter kimchi is not something I'll do again unless absolutely necessary.

How did you like it? I noticed you didn't really say.

The black goat soup sounds fabulous, though!

Marc Acito said...

It wasn't particularly noteworthy. I neither hated nor loved it.

Marc Acito said...

It wasn't particularly noteworthy. I neither hated nor loved it.

David said...

I was introduced to Korean back in the early 90's and am quite familiar with kimchi, but I have never heard that expression.

I've also never tried black goat soup, but I do like barley tea. And I love kimchi.

You should also try Bi Bim Bap, it is the pad thai of Korean food and very good. Get it in the hot stone pot.

Rick said...

Here I am looking forward to the video and instead get cabbage soup. Oh well, next time I'm in Korea...