Friday, September 19, 2008

New Day #267

Continued being a Gilmaniac while my long-lost twin and I toured a submarine parked outside the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

As I did at the Hat Museum, I totally geeked out on information, learning such fun factoids like the reason the control room is a red light district has nothing to do with whores but because it helps your eyes adjust to night vision when looking through the periscope.

FYI, the periscope of the USS Blueback offers a stunning view of the Marriott across the river, which is much more comfy than the bunks on the sub, modeled here by HRH the Queen of Gilmania.

What you don't see is the mattress pad that doubles as a body bag. Seriously. What's more, if you die on a sub, they store you in the freezer until you return to land.


therese said...

How many of those that demise on the sub complain about being frozen for months under water?

patsypalooza said...

my favorite factoid about the USS Blueback? that the officers' dining table doubles as an operating table when necessary (hence the super-bright light above it).