Monday, September 29, 2008

New Day #277

"Here, try this," I said to my friend Kelly, sticking a glass of creamy mystery liquid under his nose.

"He's going to need more information," said his girlfriend Tara. "You can't just offer that to a straight guy."

Once I explained it was hemp milk he was more willing, announcing that the dairy and soy alternative had a "hint of Maalox."

"Plus an essence of sawdust," added my Emergency Contact, the Long Suffering Floyd.

It's true. It's the first beverage I've ever imbibed that tasted of rope.

Tara took one sip and cringed, asking, "People really drink this?"

"On a dare," replied Kelly.


Rick said...

I'll pass on the rope in a glass thank you.

therese said...

This is a dare I'd pass.

step right up said...

Oh how disappointing. I've switched to non dairy and am always looking for alternatives. The "tastes like rope" tidbit will keep me buying rice milk and soy milk.

Debbi said...

I can't do dairy either, but I'll take the poops over rope in a glass any day. I know I know to much information.

Jess said...

I saw this stuff being sold at Whole Foods. Not even on a dare! :)

Christi Krug said...

Hey, I beg to differ. I love hempmilk. (Then again, I love strange foods.) It's smooth and malty - the drawback is the price.