Friday, October 3, 2008

New Day #281

Over the years I've experimented a great deal with hair, both on my head and my face. But there's one thing I've never tried:

The moustache.

I suppose it's because by the time I could grow one (say, 1983) they had gone out of style. And have yet to return.

But when I announced my intentions last week on my regular Friday at 5:30 gig on The Buzz, Daria, who is from Montana (or Wyoming, or one of those states where you can drive really fast) gave me very specific instructions as to how I should dress to accompany my 'stache:

Cowboy hat
No shirt
Torn jeans
Cowboy boots

Well, little lady, this here's for you.


Mead said...


therese said...

I like!

David said...

Rowr! Er, I mean... yee haw!

David said...


I think you should take advice from folks in Montana more often!

new guy said...

grrrr....thanks for the instructions Daria!!

k said...

Oh Holy God...please shave that thing off. Maybe it's cause I'm from Jersey, and I know I'm in the minority...but...I can't fathom the idea of cool you being a rodeo cowboy guy. Tell me you don't have steer out back.

That said, the jeans (sans suspenders) look great on you!