Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Day #290

Today my up-for-anything friend Tim and I began learning the zombie dance from Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Why? In preparation for the upcoming Thrill the World event, of course, a global act of silliness in which people in 96 cities in 12 countries all perform the zombie dance at the same time.

I rehearsed at a lesbian bookstore with a bunch of hipsters who also showed up for something called Homorobics, which was an old school "pain with Jane" style workout. They all dressed in leg warmers and head bands ironically.

I may have been the only person in the room to remember when that look actually was hip.


Greg said...

That look never was really hip with my high school set.

But maybe if the zombies wore THAT would be quite the show.

Rick said...

Oh you must post pics/videos.

Kate said...

How did you go so long without learning the zombie dance?

patsypalooza said...

and when is the mass worldwide zombie dance to take place? because i am SO gonna do this. even if it's by myself, in my living room. because... well, i have no good reason for that.