Friday, October 17, 2008

New Day #295

For those of you just joining us, I'll mention here that we've been following the erratic eatings habit of Sherman the Wonder Dog, whose ongoing health conditions motivated him to give up a lifetime of dry food to try several New Things himself, including scrambled eggs, chicken thighs and anorexia. The latter has made me and Floyd particularly nervous. A ten pound dog doesn't have a lot of wiggle room weight-wise.

Then, last night, after a couple of weeks of chicken and eggs (insert "Which came first?" joke here) and a seven week moratorium on kibble, he suddenly ate a waiting bowl of dry food. I've never been one to think of my pet as my baby, but I realize now how apt the metaphor is. For, like a baby, I have no friggin' idea why this creature does what he does.

Anyway, on the list of foods we tried (and failed) to feed Sherman was several jars of baby food, which were sitting around in my fridge. Since I haven't eaten baby food since I was a baby myself, I figured it counted as a New Thing, so I tried it. And was pleasantly surprised at how yummy it was. The jar of turkey and rice was like eating gravy.

Spooning out goops of gelatinous goodness filled me with a sense of peace. Despite all the uncertainty in the world, I now know that when I'm old and am being fed baby food again, I'll experience the indulgent pleasure of eating gravy.


Debbi said...

My kids would never touch the meat or what they called meat anyhow.

I'm not even sure if they still make them but the HAWAIIAN DELIGHT and CHERRY VANILLA PUDDING were to die for. And the simple bananas were really good too. lol.

Fran said...

I still have a weakness for the smooshed up plums. There are times when I have to have a jar or two, and Lillian loves it because the cleaned baby food jars are great for holding stuff in her woodshop.

I'm glad Sherman is experimenting with new food. Or old-food-now-new-again food. It sounds like he's feeling better.

Bush said...

Interesting tidbit of knowledge: Gerber briefly tried to market a line aimed at a teenage demographic with tagline, "The Word's Out: Gerber Isn't Just for Babies."
Surprisingly, teenagers were less than thrilled and the product was pulled from shelves within a few months.