Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Day #314

Paid my first visit to a urologist. At the risk of oversharing, suffice it to say I needed to attend to some indoor plumbing.

What a strange job, urology. I mean, this poor man had to give me a prostate exam so conclusive he was like a homeless guy searching a pay phone for change.

I learned something new, as well. If, while Roto-Rootering you (meaning me) the doctor presses firrrrrrrmly on your prostate (meaning mine), he can make you urinate against your will. Just like pressing the button on a water fountain.

I'll spare you a photo.


Rick said...

Oh you poor thing. That's not fun. And thanks for sparing us the photo op.

Noah, Post-Diluvian said...

For a hot minute I actually thought you might self-implicate a little.


Greg said...

Unfortunately, I've experienced the urologist a few times, thanks to some troublesome kidney stones. It's worse when they shove that little camera on a tube up there and show you the video afterwards.

David said...

I thought the proctologist was the one that went up "there."

Anonymous said...

A baby growing in a uterus (mine) can also push your (my) bladder like an on/off switch. At least you were in the privacy of the doctor's office rather than in the middle of Home Depot!

Ellen Kimball said...

I have to laugh at the Cialis ad that warns you that you may have an erection lasting more than four hours. Hubby knows about that...

My husband was being examined by a Boston urologist years ago. The doctor was testing for "drainage" and gave him an injection which made him erect. Then, he strapped himself in his undies and tried to zip up, with difficulty.

We were then to wait in the downtown area around the Government Center/Fanueil Hall area for the thing to subside.
It didn't. He said it hurt like hell and he tells me that whenever he sees the commercial.

It took another injection to "cut him down to size."

The diagnosis is Peyronie's Disease (you can Google it if you're interested). The doctor handed me a handful of photos of men from the waist down, but his case isn't too bad. We've learned to adjust, as we all must in later life.

Make it a great day!