Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Day #317

So I'm in the grocery store and I see this guy in a Blazer jersey, or what I like to think of as a Blazer blouse. The blouse says "7 Roy" and--now that I'm a sports fan, I know that it refers to Brandon Roy, who scored the winning shot in the final .8 seconds in overtime.

Which motivated me to walk up to this guy and utter a sentence that has never once passed my lips: "That was some game last night, huh?"

That's right, I actually talked sports. What's more, I can't stop. Suddenly I have something to discuss with heterosexual men. It's so liberating. No wonder straight guys do it. No need to discuss your feelings or your appearance or how your empty life is a massive disappointment to you. You can simply focus on the superhuman achievement of others, relishing their success as if it were your own.

I'm hooked.


Rick said...

That's actually a very good point. I've become a "sports fan" myself as a way of reaching out to the straight guys at work. It is quite liberating.

"Just David!" said...

The only time I ever read the sports page is when I know I'm going to a party that night where there will be straight men. Some of my friend's husbands are amazed at what I can pull out of thin air when it comes to sports. Of course, after 30 seconds, I have to move along because I'm all talked out, I only read the headlines. I also check out Rick Riley at Sports Illustrated to see if he has any insights I could share. They all get a big kick out of my limited sports knowledge but call me first when they can't think of what to get their wives for a gift! Ha!

therese said...

"Mommy Dearest" is appalled attending a professional sports event is a new thing!

Competitive sports has no issue with age, race, and gender and has been part of the human condition since before religion. Thru history civilizations have hosted sporting events and the arts even when at war internally with religion and politics.

In my opinion, art enlightens, drama clarifies the human condition and sports is the celebration.

For a writer, understanding the art and drama within sports is important. Team sports show the duality of success and defeat through a connection within a group, while also being focused on the individual roles to fulfill. It's all about goals and conflict, well-matched villains and victims (depending on your team preference or POV), ecstasy and defeat, choice and failure.

My personal preference is football and aside from the great view of men in tight pants, some of my favorite movies are football stories. I recommend the movie, "Remember the Titans".

Maybe that can be a new thing for you, watching a football-movie.

Richard said...

Thanks so much for my daily chuckle. Have I mentioned that I'm hooked on your blog? And constantly recommending it to friends? Have a good day!

Jill said...

Yes, straight men use sports as an emotionally-neutral subject to have fun talking without pissing anyone off.

Please don't become a Ducks or Beavers fan. I'm confident you won't become a beaver fan.