Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Day #322

My charming website,, got hacked today. It was okay if you typed it into Google, but if you clicked on the link it took you to some anti-virus site, which is the definition of irony.

Of course, it begged the question of how you fix it. I mean, it seemed to be a Google problem, but how do you contact Google? Do you google "Google?"

FYI, I tried it and it just brings you back to a blank Google page, a totally existential moment.

So we called our host, which proved as gracious as it sounds. And by we, I mean my boyfriend, the Long-Suffering Floyd. Thank you, punkin. Without you, I'd probably be carving my books in stone tablets.

Also, I must give a heartfelt thanks to reader Richard Belcham in the UK for alerting me to the problem. Richard, you're my hero. How 21st century is it to have someone you've never met in England let you know your website's not working?

If anyone else has a recommendation for anti-spyware, I'd appreciate it.


Laurie said...

I experienced the problem with your site, trying to log on last night. Glad to know it's fixed. You've had your identity stolen, you've had your site hacked - what adventures you've had this year, to say the least.

therese said...

Actually, any anti-spyware is only good until the next phase of hackers who see it more as a challenge - a new thing - a game, exposing the weakness and ego within the code.

But you got the point of this lesson, how awesome is it that Richard alerted you to the issue, a new friend, across the globe. Which is the beauty of the internet and worth trials of spyware and hackers!

kevin said...

Go Apple. Never get hacked.

Marc Acito said...

Hate to tell you, Kevin, but it was my website, not my computer. I've got a Mac.

Rick said...

Sorry to hear about your website getting hacked. My company uses Sophos - supposedly pretty good.

Richard Belcham said...

Thanks Marc. I've never been a hero before - glad you got it fixed. Hello to your other correspondents!

Megan said...

My computer geeky roommate recently suggested something called Avast. I understand that it's free to download off of the internet. Yay free!

Web Mom said...

Marc... anytime you have a problem with your website or with email associated with your website domain name, always contact your Host provider first. Those problems have nothing to do with what kind of computer you use... ~Usually~ when your site gets hacked, someone has used a mySQL algorithm to find out or even override your passwords. So, make sure you change your password if you haven't already! It sounds like your current Host provider was responsive... that's good to hear!

I can give you other geek advice if you ever need it... ~ Andrea (web-geek by day; stage-mom by night!)

P.S. LOVE your blog! : )