Monday, November 17, 2008

New Day #326

Was in a mild state of panic today because I spent most of my time working on changes to HOLIDAZED, which opens Friday.

So I wasn't sure how I was going to squeeze in something new. But then Floyd asked if I had time to help clean the gutters. Once up on the roof, he suggested we go clockwise rather than counter-clockwise, as is our usual custom for the last eighteen years.

Talk about a rut.

Still, it felt a little lame as a New Thing. So when it came time to move on to the garage I didn't descend the ladder and move it as I normally do, but instead decided to leap from one roof to the other. This isn't as risky as it sounds. The roofs are flat and maybe four feet apart, but I've never done it before as it seemed needlessly reckless. I mean, suppose I caught my foot on the gutter and went hurtling face first onto the pavement? That would suck.

So my heart actually fluttered in my chest as I prepared to take a running leap. In a way, this little moment represents so much of what I've tried to do all year. To take a little risk in the course of a mundane task. To infuse an otherwise ordinary day with a sense of adventure.


therese said...

OK, so you are really going to celebrate the new year, this year, and the completion of an awesome journey. Appreciate Floyd, he's been through enough. LOL!

We cleaned gutters in our house today too. New things, especially ladder changes are not allowed.

David S said...

What, no video of the leap? That would have been awesome, regardless of the outcome.

Ali said...

You look kinda tough up there on the roof with your bleached hair and dark eyebrows.

Ben discovered your article in today's paper and thought the story of your first Blazers game was pretty awesome (He and Evan have been to two, but zero operas. Must remedy that). Hope the preview is a rocking good time tonight!