Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Day #334

I've never been one of those people who dresses up his dog. For starters, I'm very leery of the whole pet-as-baby thing, afraid that I could become someone who's more comfortable with animals than people, like Prince Philip. What's more, I kind of feel sorry for the pets, who didn't ask to look ridiculous.

But this is a Year of New Things and who am I to judge that which I haven't tried? So, in honor of yesterday's visit to the cross-dressing mayor of Silverton, Oregon, I bought Sherman the Wonder Dog his first skirt.

Yeah, it didn't really fit, so I turned it into a cape instead.

I've gotta admit, it didn't change my opinion of dressing up animals like people. In fact, I still much prefer that people get naked like animals.


Susan Denning said...

I'm glad you had the bowl in the first picture. otherwise I wouldn't have been able to tell which was the head and which was the tail.

Not to hurt Sherman's feelings, but I don't think that skirt really suits his body type. A nice plaid pencil skirt might be more suitable, and help hide some of his figure flaws.


Greg said...

Much better as a cape. For a moment, Sherman was trying for that Dolly Parton waist.

The Frog Queen said...

Poor Sherman :(