Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Day #342

Here's another one for the "who knew?" category: while I was letterboxing I learned that one can carve a rubber stamp out of an pink eraser. Y'know, the big kind, not the one on the end of the pencil.

This got me disproportionately excited. One of the deep dark secrets I've discovered about myself this year is that I really love crafts. I find the act of physically making something to be a welcome break from the restless eddy that is my mind.

But what kind of stamp to carve? Wisely, I opted for something simple, drawing inspiration from my writing group, the Big Brain Trust. Whenever we encounter a line that needs works, we often write "CDB" in the margin, for "could do better." Why not save time by making a rubber stamp?

Cute, huh? It reminds me of the soap from Fight Club:

However, it turns out I got too much of a break from my big brain. Here's the result:

Talk about CDB.


therese said...

LOL! It also makes you wonder about that Fight Club soap...

So now you get to carve another eraser but using a mirror. Wasn't there a master from the past who wrote notes in reverse? DaVinci?

David S said...

Ah, that takes me back to my childhood, helping set type for my dad's letterpress printer. The first lesson is how to spell backwards.

Then I tried carving into linoleum blocks with X-acto knives, which is really cool until you dig a trench into your thumb and wear a Band-Aid on it for the next week and a half!

David said...

Well, at least you didn't try and "carve" a letter B in your face.