Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Day #375

We've got a delay on the Mesmer Project, so I'm posting this week's New Thing today. Sorry for the confusion.

As it turns out, today's New Thing relates to the Thought for the Week and I didn't even realize it. You see, despite blogging about a few of my favorite things, I don't think of myself as someone who's into possessions. I'm much more apt to collect experiences. But I was feelling low recently, so I decided to try some Retail Therapy.

As remarkable as it sounds, I can honestly say I've never made a conscious decision to go shopping to make myself feel better. The very idea always seemed so unevolved. But I was early for an appointment and passing Buffalo Exchange and I decided to find out what it was like.

And it totally worked. I know I'm supposed to say that shopping can't fill that empty void you feel inside. But a used pair of high tops made me giddy all day. And for days afterward. In fact, I've come to realize that I'm someone who loves shoes.

Lucky for me, I love a bargain even more. So I think I might be safe.

'Cuz, seriously, how great are these?


Noah, Post-Diluvian said...

I can't tell whether or not it's sexier to imagine you in only the (fabulous) shoes or if I'd rather conjure a little notion of you in a pair of incredibly skimpy frayed cutoff denim Daisy Dukes.

Sweet god!
The conundrums I face!

Incidentally, I partook in a bit of retail therapy myself which resulted in my purchasing some delicious headbands (yes, I'm Greek and I look ever more Corinthian) along with some skinny-fit purple acid washed jeans.

Are we the same person or is it just that the world needed one of us every 20 years or so to keep things fresh?

viejecita said...

¡What a show off you are! and what a pleasure for us.

Next time please show your hair;
¿ Is it curly and beautiful and greyish again? Or have you had a new inspiration and painted it green? or blue? or blood red?
Can´t wait for a new photo.

Fran said...

I'm so glad people do indulge in retail therapy, but that's probably because I work in retail.

Personally, I hate to shop, and I'm not a shoe person. But then, I'm a lesbian and you know us!

I'm tickled you found great shoes though, and you wear them well!

Jeff said...

That is so very "Sex in the City" of you.

Carrie would have been proud!

gay CME guy said...

screw the shoes, man. you have great legs!

Gari said...

While I myself have never shopped to make myself feel better (I'm not incrediably into shopping; maybe being half gay does that me...) I agree that those shoes ARE FREAKIN AWSOME! VIVA LA CONVERSE! Buffalo Exchange is one my fav stores actually.

the artist said...

Didn't the wicked witch of the West wear red slippers or was that Dorothy? Styling Shoes you go "girl" "guy"