Monday, February 2, 2009


Okay, all the activity has finally caught up with me. I'm hard at work on my next book and feeling wiped out. So I'm taking a week off from blogging. Please check back next Monday the 9th.

Thanks for your patience, as well as your on-going support, which means so much to me.


Debbi said...

Get some rest and I hope you feel better.

Rick said...

And I'll be one of the first to buy a copy when it comes out.

Ellen Kimball said...

How did this happen?

I have laryngitis after a cold and screaming histrionically at my spouse about some trivial B.S. The doctor ordered me not to talk for a week. Brutal. No whispering, no singing. 8-12 glasses of water a day. Chamomile tea, honey, pain killers.

Silence is golden. I think I want to take that vow. I have to be the only person who watched the Super Bowl and then did Tai Chi exercises while the Three Priests sang their high Latin (and low Gaelic) with James Galway. PBS pledge show this week was marvelous.

Enjoy your break, and come back refreshed.

Ellen Kimball & her Digital_Geezer
(celebrating 37 years together on Wednesday, February 4)

Ellen Kimball said...

Substituting for Marc, I'm Ellen Kimball. My profile and blog are at your service.

Here is a Portland restaurant we love:

Pho Nyugen
SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway near the intersection of SW Scholl's Ferry Road in a small mall west of Fred Meyers.

Our intimate anniversary dinner there tonight at 4 PM was delightful.

This place was recommended by several Vietnamese people. Tea is provided for free. We tried the vegetarian spring rolls with carrot vinagrette ginger dip. Quite good! The exterior covering was kind of rubbery, but better than Japanese seaweed (as in sushi). The inside contained healthful and nourishing fresh vegetables.

Hubby had the more expensive beef noodle soup with many ingredients, including T-R-I-P-E. You don't have to have it with T-R-I-P-E if you don't want to.

The soup was fresh, with green onions floating in it, and much like Japanes miso soup. The restaurant serves a small plate of fresh vegetables on the side with the soup (cilantro, bean sprouts, jalapenos and a small piece of lime... hot, hot, hot -- or NOT. If you can't take the heat, they can hold the jalapenos.) It's proper to float the vegetables in the hot soup.

I chose the chicken rice plate (white rice, sadly -- I prefer brown but that's not the Vietnamese way) with plain steamed broccoli.

I found their vegetables were better when splashed with their excellent peanut sauce. Ask for it -- not sure if we got it automatically. We were assured the peanuts were from a non-recalled source! They have many sauces to choose from at your table.

Regrettably, there was a moderate amount of PEPPER in the chicken! I forgot to ask them to skip it. My bad.

We brought much of the soup and chicken home for tomorrow.

The restaurant does a ton of take-out business, although they do NOT have take-out menus. (The owner once let me take out a beautiful designed BIG regular menu, and I promised to return it, which I did.)

Anniversary dessert was 1/2 a small Snickers bar left over from Hallowe'en. It was delicious.


Weight lost since January 1, 2009: 6 lbs. Height is 5'1".

Goal weight on 5/31/09 (my 70th birthday!): 135 lbs. or less if humanly possible.