Friday, March 6, 2009

New Thing #377

In a classic case of overbleaching, I recently melted a good portion of my hair right off my skull--what my hairdresser calls "the chemical haircut." Since then, little wisps have scattered daily, like slender autumn leaves. It was a dispiriting senstaion, and the only thing that saved my sanity was the fact that my undercoat began coming in immediately, assuring me that I hadn't destroyed my follicles down to the core.

Here's the damage:

I know, I look like a moulting chick.

I've got enough things in my life that are out of my control, so I gave up being blonde and got my first-ever crew cut.

It wasn't exactly a Britney Spears' breakdown, but let's just say I understand her a bit better.

Once again, I'm astonished at what a sheltered life I've led, lasting 43 years without ever having shaved my head. It's enormously liberating. No gelling into artful arrangements, no habitual checks in the mirror to see if it's been disarranged.

Plus, it feels soooo marvelous to touch.


Ms. G said...

it looks great!

Colin Matthew ( said...

I love shaving my head. Afterwards you get everybody feeling your head and are like "that feels nice." And you know what, it does feel nice. Plus you save a whole bunch of time in the morning getting ready.

Mead said...

Actually, Marc, you look great this way. Oodles of street cred!

Fran said...

You look kinda dangerous and trendy. It's a good look, and I didn't think I'd like it. But there you go, cool folks can pull off just about anything!

viejecita said...

My youngest shaves his head before each of his adventure trecks.
Now he lives far away, and I speak with him almost only through I-Chat. So, when he shaves his hair, I know he is going to do something dangerous.
Which makes me love long hair.

But you dont look bad at all with your new look.
A bit too skinny, for a mother´s taste, but you probably think, like Coco Chanel, that "one is never too rich, or too thin".

Kevin in Danbury said...

You are just 10 shades of sexy right now.

therese said...

Looks good!
Maybe there's a message here about releasing our personal neuroses. There are so many cool decades yet to live!

David said...

Not bad, but I like your full head of hair, in its natural color, best.

Fantastic Forrest said...

You really need to control yourself on fondling your scalp. Between that and scarfing the samoas, it was quite distracting. How can we be expected to become world famous writers if we can't pay attention to your brilliant teaching?!

Or am I just unable to focus?

Don't forget to post it in the Museum of Hair! I can't wait to see what you dub this style.

gay CME guy said...

I've not quite gone this far yet, though the day is getting closer. I've told my friend who cuts my hair that it's incumbent upon her to tell me when the thinness on top looks like I've had a few rounds of chemo, and then it's time for it all to go for good.