Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On My Mind Today

Here's what's been rattling around in the grab-bag I call my mind:

1) Floyd's been doing yoga at 24 Hour Fitness, which means it's high impact, overachieving, American-style yoga with thumpa thumpa music. In other words, the antithesis of yoga. But he can touch his toes, so he's psyched.

That said, there are a few classes that are more reflective. One of them in particular ends with meditating on one idea as you inhale, then exhaling the opposite. As in, breathe in relaxation, breathe out tension, breathe in community, breathe out loneliness. When they got to breathe in prosperity, Floyd immediately thought "breathe out fear."

Versus poverty. I find this intriguing.

2) Steve Martin's play about Picasso meeting Einstein has been found too racy for a high school production, but no one's saying why.

I'm gonna read it and find out. More later. In the meantime, Martin has offered to pay for the production to be done off-campus.

3) More thoughts on the Obama family's lousy gifts to the British prime minister. While I admit the president's people really screwed the pooch on this one, you've got to admit Obama is easy to buy for. The man made history, so Gordon Brown brought a gift that reflected that. Brown, on the other hand, was elected by no one, but took over for Tony Blair when he resigned in disgrace. He's the British Gerald Ford. Hardly inspiring for gift ideas.

Just sayin'.


Alex said...

We did it at Whitman my sophomore year (we being my school, as I wasn't actually involved myself...). All I remember was that it was hysterical, and moving, and made me think a lot. I think there might have been a prostitute? But I don't honestly remember. I just remember being entertained and being thought-provoked. Isn't that the point?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Blair did not resign "in disgrace". That's absolute rubbish. If it was such disgrace why did it take him a year to stand down? There was a lot of political rivalry behind all of this - between both sides of his party and between him and Brown, personally.

The little backstabbers, on the Left of his party, had it in for Blair over Iraq. They were wrong about that, of course. They also disapproved of his moving his party to the right. They were wrong about that too.

So when Blair did not leap in and criticise Israel for its summer 2006 attack of Lebanon in its own defence, they smelt blood and stuck their own knives into Blair. But it was almost a year before he left office. He 'died' slowly and in his own time.

Hardly a "disgrace".

Some of us are and were very proud of Tony Blair.

As for Gordon Brown - don't ask!

Fran said...

High impact yoga? I had no idea there was such a thing. Sounds a lot like aerobics to me, but what do I know?

I look forward to your input on the Martin play. I would love to read it but when, I ask you, when do I have time? So I really am looking forward to what you have to say about it, because it sounds like such a teacup tempest. But yay to him for offering to foot the bill for an off-campus performance. Class, the man has class.

D. said...

Hey Marc!

This is Doug Rice, that crazy kid that emailed you about the play awhile ago.

You NEED to pick up a copy! It's a great (and HILARIOUS) play and the real meaning of it is totally lost on the people who are just hung up on the foul language... Childish!

Anyway... keep the blog up, I love reading it, and pick up a copy SOON!!

P.S.- I'm Schemendiman though I STILL can't spell it!!

David said...

Power Yoga is yoga just like ketchup is a vegetable. Feh. As long as he doesn't hurt himself.

As for the Obama gifts, what a tempest in a teapot.

DoreMifa said...

quoting Sweet Charity, are we? Are we aware of this fact? :)