Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Sorry I haven't blogged lately. I've been in the cave cooking up several projects, y'know, on account of this recession thing. (Perhaps you've heard something about it.)

However, for those of you in the Portland area, I'm emerging Thursday night to do a gig with musician John Wesley Harding and comic Eugene Mirman at Mississippi Studios, in which I will tell a disgusting story and sing a filthier song.

In other news, my upcoming fashion debut has just gotten cheaper! (Like me.) You can get $25 off a $75 ticket by putting in the code "Fashion" at reddresspdx.

Here's my fitting in muslin, with designer Shakir Najieb:

It might be worth fifty bucks just to see me fall on my ass in those shoes.


Noah, Post-Diluvian said...

Two of my favorite fags!

Layne said...

Don't forget to plug the 2 novels JWH has written under the name Wesley Stace!

Holly Mac said...

Oh gawd. I have never told a man this, even a gay man, but baby, I WANT your shoes!

shakir said...

Aww memories. And great legs!