Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Recession and the Future of Marriage

Turns out being unemployed can help your marriage.

Who knew?

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therese said...

Hi Mark! Great article. I did post a comment but haven't gotten the confirmation email, so it hasn't shown up yet... I don't Twitter or Digg yet, (technology is moving too fast for me) but I have read all your articles because I follow your blog thru Google and always know when you post here. :)

Relationships are a tricky thing and I think a lot of what's going on economically, politically, and etc. in America is shaking the dust off of - who am I? what matters?

For me there is always an easy answer, when I die, what do I want my legacy to be, a portfolio or a bunch of people who are glad I lived.

I also want to leave some books behind, of my own words...