Monday, January 4, 2010

Productivity Tips for the New Year

For the first time in my career, I've rented office space - a cozy 80 square foot room of my own in an Allstate office, of all places. Not only has it made me more focused, it's provided a place to use my dead mother's best furniture. As well as her ashes, which are keeping me company until we scatter them this spring.

Having what Virginia Woolf called "a room of one's own" also inspired my latest piece for WalletPop.

Sweet, huh? It makes me unreasonably happy.


Jeff said...

cool digs! Look forward to hearing how it works for you. Loved the WalletPop suggestions too. I always tell people working from home sounds cool but it has its downsides.

Susan Denning said...

Very nice! Congratulations on your new writer digs.

therese said...

Congrats! Yes, there is something more official and productive about designated office space and getting dressed in the morning.

Tonight I'll line up my frogs and decide which is the first to swallow.

The Frog Queen said...

:( Did you have to use the swallowing frogs senario? :D

Anyway, really enjoyed your latest article...despite the terrifying frog reference :D - and congrats on your new digs!

So should we be expecting some big things from you in 2010? I mean you have an official office now :)