Monday, May 16, 2011

The Odds of Getting Lucky with a New Musical

Brisa Trinchero of and producer of the Festival of New Musicals at the Village Theatre in Isaquah, posted statistics on the odds of getting a new musical chosen. I geek out on stats, which is why I once spent an evening figuring out you're just as likely to fall over furniture and die as you are to get killed riding a bicycle.

Turns out you're more likely to have a stroke or get on a plane with a drunken pilot than get your work into a new musical festival. (Check out these delightfully weird stats.)

Her solution, with which I agree, is to cast a wide net by working on multiple projects and submitting a lot, which is why I'm currently working on five at once (three of which are listed here.) It's requiring discipline, stamina and focus, but I try to think of myself as an orchestra conductor, tracking multiple parts at once while working to keep it all together for a harmonious whole.

Of course, sometimes I feel like the overbooked Asian kid in The 25th Annual Putnam Valley Spelling Bee:


Therese said...

Well, I can believe you may have six languages and play the piano but I'm not seeing the marshal arts training as part of your skill set.

The Frog Queen said...

This is why you are my hero :) Looking forward to all the fantasticness you are creating.