Wednesday, July 22, 2009

As Good As it Gets

Few things in my life have made me prouder than participating in this video:

Glad to see that operatic training was good for something.

And, since my v-jay-jay is eight miles wide, I was also chosen by the nation's largest lesbian magazine as their first Lesbro.

The rewards for leading the unconventional life are just that.


Rick Bettencourt said...

That's hysterical! said...

Yayyy! Storm! And Opera Marc! Whoo!

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Ah, that is great! I believe I saw Floyd in there too!!

Wonderful work! And kudos on the Lesbro title. Way to go!


Nancy Coffelt said...

This is the best thing - ever.

Wow. You have some pipes there.


Word verification - pusneno.


heddy said...

LOVED IT! It is eerie how much the song matches a painting I made about 5 years ago.

dpaste said...

When I watched this, not knowing the provenance, I recognized you immediately. Great song and great video.

viejecita said...

I was a bit mad at you, for having left us for so long, but this video makes up for everything.
It is fantastic.

Love you again

therese patrick, author said...

Just followed this blog through all the links. What's awesome about Storm is clear to me in her interview with Ellen. That performance made Eddie Mercury thrilled... The energy she brought to We Are The Champions is - what he really wanted...