Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Globe's charming 'Room' musical a sweeping, funny romance"

Th lead up to the premiere has made me too exhausted - physically, emotionally, intellectually (sexually...) - to give a proper run down of the show myself, but some other people did.

From UT San Diego:

"Witty writing, appealing actors, a gorgeous and well-orchestrated score: “A Room With a View” has just about the full monty (and that’s not even counting the naked dudes who plunge into a pool onstage)."

From North County Times:

"Many of the novel's best lines and scenes have made it into the script and score, with each well-developed character given a moment to shine. Schwartz finds comic and poetic ways to emphasize the story's clashes of culture, class, faith and generation. And Judtih Dolan's gorgeous period costumes reflect the restrictiveness and freedom the characters taste at different points of the story."

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AKDOUGLAS1 said...

Wow! So fantastic! I can't wait to hear more.