Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Day #1

I woke up yesterday without any idea what I was going to do on the first day of my Do Something New Every Day project. But I figured that'd be part of the fun--to look for an opportunity during the day.

So I'm at the doctor getting my annual physical. (Sidebar: I'm a big fan of the annual physical. It makes me feel grown-up and responsible, even while wearing a paper robe, which I tried to dress up by writing the words Dolce and Gabbana on it.) I needed some routine blood tests, so I decided I would do Something New #1 by watching the needle go in.

Having had three years of shots because I'm allergic to Oregon, I'm not needle phobic, but, still, I normally look away. Instead, what I discovered was that watching actually made it hurt less. I didn't wince the moment the needle went in, even when it took awhile because my vein kept rolling away. (Who knew veins rolled?)

I actually ended up with Something New #2 that night when none other than rock diva Storm Large and her boyfriend Davey Nipples accepted an invitation to dinner at my house. Not only did Storm invent a new word for "fag hag" -- fagnet -- she also let us see her boobs. (I'm sorry I didn't take that picture.)

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Kronda said...

Mostly I'm commenting because when you mention Storm's boobs (which are fabulous, as I'm sure even you know) it seems worthy of commentary.

What's really great is when you hug her, and you happen to be shortish, say head right about at boob level--and you're someone who actually, you know, appreciates boobs in a big way (or even someone who appreciates big boobs in a small way). That's really great. Thanks for the mammaries, I mean, memories.