Saturday, December 29, 2007

What's New?

The thought occurred to me as I looked over this year's holiday newsletter: I'm in a rut. Don't get me wrong, I lead a blessed life for which I'm grateful. But I have a restless mind that craves constant stimulation, while my job and my finances keep me housebound. And I'm a big believer in Having Adventures, in learning What's New.

Welcome to my mid-life crisis.

I don't want to trade in my spouse or my job, and I can't afford to trade in my house or my car, nor can I fly someplace exotic. So I've decided to do something new every day. It need not be dramatic or life-changing. It can be as simple as finding a new way home. But I have to do at least one new thing a day. And write about it.

I'd love it if I had some company, so please let me know what's new with you.

And happy new year.


Colin said...

I was bored one day so I joined a Rugby team. The response you get from telling people you play Rugby is one of astonishment and confusion. They are amazed because the general consensus is that Rugby is a violent sport. They are confused because no American seems to know how exactly Rugby is played. There are some teams in Portland that you could try.

Marco said...

Jeez, I totally would, but breaking a limb is not one of the new things I want to try.

You're a brave man, Gunga Din.

Katy said...

Hi Marc :)

My new thing for 2008 is learning Hebrew. I'm not Jewish, but I thought it would be fun. There are too many languages in the world for me to only know three. So I'm making a list, and Hebrew came next.

Taking up a musical instrument is good too. Last year I learned how to play the mandolin. It's fun to play but people give you funny looks when you carry it around on the underground, like maybe if you open it up you might have a splurge gun in there.

Happy 2008 :)

ally said...

So I had this really clever response written and then I pushed the wrong button and it is gone. The way my mind works, or doesn't work, after having a baby means that this is what you are stuck with. =)

My new daughter, Lucia. I was only 4 months along when I saw you last at the Sylvia Beach Hotel for the OWC and now she is 3 months old. Such a doll. I'll send you a photo so you can oogle her too.


Marc Acito said...

Congratulations and welcome to the world, Lucia. And, Katy, I have the greatest visual of you walking through the tube carrying a tommy gun case. You'd make Thelma & Louise look like June Cleaver and Donna Reed.