Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Day #12

Today I tried to be a gypsy cab. As I was driving Floyd to the airport to visit his family in Florida, it occurred to me that I'd be driving back into town alone, which is surely a waste when you consider the number of people paying for cabs from the airport. So, after dropping him, I circled back to arrivals to see if there was anyone who needed a lift. I figured it was safe because anyone just getting off a plane wouldn't have a knife or a gun. Of course, everyone waiting already had someone coming to get them, so I circled around again to get in line with the taxis. Turns out you can't do that. There's actually a gate that requires a special pass. That made me wonder whether it was unethical for me to deprive taxi and limo drivers of their livelihood, but taxis now customarily charge 25 cents more per mile to account for higher gas prices, which, if you do the math, is totally price gauging. So I parked by the light rail and asked several bewildered people if they wanted a ride.

They looked at me like I was offering candy to small children.


therese said...

Well, you are a scary dude.

Hot Toddy said...

That is hilarious, brave, and ridiculous.

Love you!