Monday, January 7, 2008

New Day #11

Today's New Thing was not looking in the mirror, which I did at the suggestion of my new guru, Twyla Tharp. The point is get a new perspective, to change how you gauge your appearance and how you see the world. Luckily, I work at home, so I can go a day without shaving or brushing my hair. (Apparently, one day without and I start to look like Dave Navarro.)

What I discovered is that it's hard to avoid your reflection. For starters, the bathroom is a tiny space with nowhere else to look. While I showered, I turned away from my shaving mirror only to realize I could see myself in the glass door. So I turned around and noticed for the first time that I can actually get a glimpse of myself in the marble tile. Who knew? I felt like I was dodging the paparazzi.

That said, was it just a coincidence that I was able to focus better on my work today? Hmm...


therese said...

Being reflected in marble should give a new perspective.

So we're to dodge and feint from our image all day? I've seen others who avoided the mirror and granted me a pretty raunchy view.

Kylee said...

With the exception of Dave's mustace you two look alike. I have yet to find my celebrity counterpart, although I have been told by three year olds that I look like Harry Potter and friends from college once told me that I look like John Lennon. I have yet to find a female celebrity that I share looks with.