Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Day #14

Not only did I manage to live forty-two years without knowing how to play dominoes, I lived forty-two years without knowing you could even play dominoes. I just always assumed the purpose was to line them up and knock them over. But, no; there's a reason they have they have those spots.

My friend and collaborator, Cynthia, likes dominoes because you can socialize while you play, which is exactly what we did, talking shop and planning other New Things I can do in the future.

Things more interesting than playing dominoes.


therese said...

Well cool, I wondered about those dots and colors on the dominos.

Could it be possible there's value in playing games with friends in the middle of the day?


Jill Murray said...

Weird. You're the fourth or fifth person to mention dominoes in the last three months or so, following what I like to think of as a two-decade dominaic silence. What could be responsible for this sudden resurgence? And more importantly, when will Boggle rage back onto the scene?

Marc Acito said...

Dominating at dominoes gives one dominion over dilemmas. Whereas Boggle just boggles. Have you tried Twister lately?

Hot Toddy said...

You mean it isn't just a pizza place?!

Katy said...

If you like dominoes, you should learn how to play Mah Jong. It's like super Chinese dominoes. I got hooked during my Undergraduate degree and you can definitely play and socialise :)