Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Day #20

Found a new way to Beaverton today. For those of you not familiar with Oregon, Beaverton is a suburb of Portland and not, as it sounds, a lesbian commune. Nor is it a little village filled with industrious woodland creatures. It's the home of Nike and now my mother, so I'm experimenting with routes.

Her move also provided me with the opportunity to be handy and I'm proud to announce it only took me fifty-five minutes spread out over two separate attempts to install a spring-loaded shower curtain. I didn't graduate Phi Beta Kappa for nothin'.


therese said...

Spring loaded shower curtain? I can't even imagine what it would be.

Checked up on all your new things.
Keep up the adventure!

Katy said...

There's a very small town in Washington called Beaver. One of my best friends grew up there. Ironically, she's a lesbian.

Fate amuses me sometimes.

p.s. Your fraternity makes me think of pie.