Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Day #21

Did a new workout today, courtesy of Nick Manci of One Breath Yoga, who gave me his DVDs to try at home. (This is one of the perks of being a pseudo-celebrity: free swag.) I've resisted doing it for weeks, which is a sure sign it's the kind of thing I should try.

Here's Nick:

I'd post a photo of myself, but it would just be redundant.

Full disclosure: I've tried yoga once before, but I fell asleep during the floor exercises, so it doesn't count. Besides, Nick's version is definitely Something New. This isn't a candy-ass, New-Agey, pan-pipes-in-the-background kind of thing. It's intense. If Sean Penn taught yoga, this is what it'd be like.

I found One Breath invigorating (or, in my case, A Thousand Wheezing Breaths) but I remain skeptical of the practice. There's something about the focused calm of yoga people that reminds me of born-again Christians. Or Scientologists. Like their lives were so out of control they needed yoga/Jesus/the E-meter to contain the turmoil.

That said, my abs feel fierce.


Klala said...

you make me laugh. HARD. and that then makes me cry a little. thank you.

Jim said...

Sometimes those who suspect others of the yoga/Jesus/E-meter dependency are feeling a little out of control themselves.

Personally I am just waiting for baby Jesus to change the oil in my car. Then I figure I can commit to the dependency. Which could explain my lack of abs right now too...

Until then I shall just keep re-reading my copy of "How I Paid for College" to make it through the day. (OMG, maybe I *am* out of control).