Friday, January 25, 2008

New Day #29

Went to a dinner party tonight where the guest next to me ate his salad with his hands. "It's hard to scoop up the greens on your fork," he explained.

I tried it and found it very liberating.


Val de Leaburg said...

I've been doing the same at home for years. Hey, I was born in the year of the rabbit! They don't use forks. 'Bout time the secret was out and we free the world, especially if you're a big greens eater.

Katy said...

Hmm...I never knew eating salad with your hands was weird. Why would you use a fork? That just gets more utensils than neccessary messed up. I don't know anyone who uses cutlery and salad....maybe salad fingers is more of a European thing? Or maybe I just know very uncivilised people...

I *adore* that this was your new thing for the day though :)