Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Day #30

I've never seen dyed daisies before, but I just had to have them on this freezing wet January night. They're like Technicolor Munchkinland flowers.

Ah, simple pleasures (sigh).

They also left dye all over my hands.

Goddamn Munchkins.


Fran said...

Back in the day when Moonies were offering daisies for a *hopeful* donation in airports, I used to take one and I made sure it WASN'T dyed. I'd thank them quite nicely.

Then I'd eat it.

Word got around and they stopped giving me daisies.

Yours are lovely! And not at all munchable.

gay CME guy said...

As a former florist, I always cringed when someone wanted flowers dyed or painted a color usually not found in nature.
If it was for a wedding, I'd do my best to talk them out of it. I usually failed in that attempt.