Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Day #31

Now that I am a famous economist, I figured it was about time I learned how to balance a checkbook. Hard to believe, but I somehow managed to live forty-two years without ever having done it.

You see, I met Floyd shortly before my twenty-first birthday and, once he discovered my highly efficient system of simply closing accounts when I got overdrawn, he took over all financial duties. I'm like a 1950s housewife, except I don't wear pearls while vaccuuming. Because I don't vaccuum.

I found balancing our checkbook to be quite fun, with much of the appeal of a Sudoku puzzle or a mystery novel.

The Case of the Missing Deposit.


Katy said...

You met when you were twenty? That's so lovely! :)

I don't know how to balance my checkbook...but I do have pearls, and a vacuum...

therese said...

Good GRIEF! You've been living in a pampered bubble. Never balanced your checkbook! Never got died daisy stains on your hands or eaten a salad without untensils?

Good GOD! It's about time you started trying something new. Put on the damn pearls and run the vacuum.

Anonymous said...

Just listened to your comments on economics and thought that you might find the cartoon in this link interesting. Those wacky New Yorkers!

Randy in Sweden